In order to achieve the objectives, the company has planned to spread out in three phases.

In first phase, Under Water Support Services Division has been established. The role of this division is to provide technical/logistic support to underwater force of Pakistan Navy. A contract with French OEM (DCNS) was signed on 14 October 2010. DCNS France has been the prime contractor for the manufacturing of Pakistan Navy Submarines. DCNS has signed a contract with Ministry of Defence Production in 2001 for logistic and technical support for French origin ships/submarines. MTSS is assisting DCNS in execution of this contract with Pakistan Navy

The second phase which is likely to start by mid 2011, MTSS will establish its Aviation Support Division followed by Surface Support Division. Various OEM/suppliers of aircraft and ships will be approached to augment the technical and logistic supportability element for Pakistan Navy

In order to focus on self reliance, various engineering house in-country and abroad are also being approached for indigenous development of parts for ships, submarines and aircraft of Pakistan Navy

A team of dedicated engineers mostly ex-Naval officers has joined MTSS, with a motivation to assist government in general and Pakistan Navy in particular for improving upon the supportability and self reliance

To ensure timely availability of critical/urgent spares pertaining to submarines/mine hunters, MTSS will maintain and operate a Bonded Warehouse on behalf of DCNS of France. The inventory for this warehouse will be prepared in consultation with Pakistan Navy and DCNS

MTSS in collaboration with M/s HAVELSAN of Turkey will do the Integrated Logistic Support for surface ships. The salient features of the support include Preventive, Corrective and Predictive maintenance, Spares Supportability, Training, Provision of Manpower & Personnel etc